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Application Process for Current Residents

This page was last updated Feb 23, 2023.

How to Apply for Spring 2023 Term

To apply for the upcoming Spring term (May to August), click the "Apply Now" link below and submit a "Spring 2023" application on the Portal. An application fee is not collected from Winter term residents applying for the following Spring Term.

Residents planning to shorten their Spring occupancy (to move out before the standard Spring end date of Aug 19) must contact Campus Living by March 17, 2023 or termination fees will apply.

How to Apply for Academic Year 2023-24

You must be a registered student while living in residence. See “Eligibility” in Section 1 of the Campus Living Contract for more details.

Any current students intending to live residence during the Academic Year (September to April) are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Room offers are expected to start being sent out starting in early June. However, please note that new incoming residents may be given priority over returning residents.

Family Housing: How to Renew Occupancy for 2023-24

Family Housing residents will have the opportunity to renew their current apartment until May 19, 2023.

Family Housing residents who would like to change to a different suite within McFeetors Hall may select new room preferences. Please note that room changes are based on availability, and may not be possible in all cases.

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How to Cancel Your Application

If you have applied and want to cancel your application, please contact Campus Living immediately. Depending on when you cancel, cancellation fees may apply.