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Dramatic Studies Group

The Dramatic Studies group is a collection of seven courses which provide historical or academic context to complement the more practical theatre courses in the department.  Each year two or more courses from this group are offered, and 3 credit hours in one of these courses is required for Theatre and Film Majors in Acting, Design, Production & Stage Management, Drama in Education, Playwriting and Hons Directing.  Several are cross-listed with other departments, and may have pre-requisites.  Please check Webadvisor for those offered in any given year. 

The group consists of the following courses:

THFM-2401/HIST-2190(3) Theatre History I: Aeschylus to Shakespeare

THSM-2402(3) Theatre History II: Molière to Irving

THFM/CLAS-2405(3) Staging Greek and Roman Drama

THFM-3401/HIST-3190(3) Theatre History III: Ibsen to Present

THFM-3402(3) Canadian Drama

ENGL-2311(6) Shakespeare

ENGL-3401(6) Modern Drama

FREN-4748(3) Le théâtre classique