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Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Faculty and Staff

Is Virtual Private Network (VPN) right for you?

Using the CISCO virtual private network, this service provides employees of the University the ability to work remotely in a secure way, by encrypting all data that you send and receive. This will allow you to use your UWinnipeg computer the same way as you would use it on campus.

For security reasons, as VPN provides access to UWinnipeg systems and data, VPN is installed only on UWinnipeg computers deployed by TSC.

You will NOT need a VPN connection to access:

  • UW public web pages (www.uwinnipeg.ca)
  • Outlook Email (Web Version)
  • WebAdvisor
  • Nexus
  • MyHR 

Requesting VPN

Please contact the Service Desk to place a request.

Email: servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca

Phone: 204 786-9149 (no live agents, please leave a voicemail)

You will be contacted to schedule a 30-minute appointment to either pick up your computer that is on campus, or bring back the UWinnipeg computer that you took home. 

For UWinnipeg computers at home: You will be need to bring in your desktop or laptop, including all peripherals like mouse, keyboard and monitor. Please bring your computer back to your office and set it up, ensuring it is plugged in to the network jack in your office.

For UWinnipeg computers on campus: Please follow the instructions that will be sent to you when an appointment is arranged.

Using VPN (Cisco AnyConnect):

We have easy to use step-by-step guides for you to follow along. These are updated and different from any previous instructions. By logging on to VPN before logging on to your computer, it will ensure your network drives/folders are available and provide an overall better experience for you. 

Instructions depend on the version of Windows that is running on your computer. Please click the appropriate link to view the instructions.

Windows 7 - Logging on to VPN

Windows 10 - Logging on to VPN

After successfully logging in with VPN, if you do not find your network drives/folders (M, O), you will need to run a login file to establish a connection to those drives - please click here. Save the file on your Desktop or another location on your computer. Then double click to run the file. You will be asked to enter your network ID and password once it runs. If you run into any issues, please contact the Service Desk for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: Please save all of your files before you disconnect your VPN session to avoid losing your work.