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MFA - UWinnipeg User Accounts Now Enforced!

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a cyber-security measure that increases the level of safety by requiring two or more methods of authentication when you log into an account, email or application. We are happy to report that our initial roll-out of MFA was completed on schedule.  As of Oct 3, all UWinnipeg user accounts now have MFA enforced!

What does this mean?

We have taken every measure possible to ensure your user ID and password are secure.  Passwords are no longer good enough.  When logging into applications like the M365 suite (Webmail, Outlook, MSTeams) and remote network access using Virtual Private Networking (VPN)  you can rest assured that your account is now protected using Multifactor Authentication.  If your account gets compromised (password gets changed, access from another device, etc.), you will be notified and can deny that access. 

Over the coming months we will add more applications to be protected by MFA to further increase our protection against unwanted cyber-attacks.