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Computers Supported by the Technology Solutions Centre

The guideline around support is straight-forward. If the Technology Solutions Centre (TSC) was involved in the selection, procurement and deployment of a computer, then it is supported by our department. Supported computers will have either a barcode or asset tag, which indicates that TSC deployed the device.

Devices obtained without TSC involvement, regardless of the funding source (research grants, TPDA, personal funds, etc.) are not supported. You will not be able to take advantage of services such as connecting to the campus network, campus network printers, mapped network drives, your personal file directory and shared departmental network files. TSC will not set it up, service, or provide any hardware or software (including Microsoft Office) for it.

With respect to specific brands and models, TSC’s Desktop Services team supports:

PCs – Dell

  • Optiplex workstations
  • Precision workstations
  • Latitude laptops
  • Precision mobile workstations


  • MacBooks
  • iMac computers


There are a wide range of different models to choose from within each of the above categories to address any of your computing needs. With limited resources to support the fleet of computers on campus, standardization is essential to ensure the delivery of quality services. This provides benefits to you and the University:

Supported, enterprise level systems

  • Access to all UWinnipeg network drives and folders, printing and internet
  • Full, licensed suite of Microsoft Office productivity applications
  • A commercial/professional version of the operating system
  • Ensure compatibility with enterprise-wide systems
  • Standard set of applications for consistent experience. Also makes it easier to restore a supported system should there be a hardware failure or virus infection that impacts the system integrity beyond recovery
  • Managed product lifecycle
  • Planned refresh intervals for each computer with overlap for new model releases
  • Dell systems have international on-site support