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Cyber Security

UWinnipeg introduces new information security policy 

The protection of University data has become an increasingly important consideration for UWinnipeg, and for higher education more generally, due to the rapidly changing information security threat environment in which we operate. 

To that end, the University has established a new Information Security Policy. Together with its associated Procedures, this policy provides guidance on securing University data. It complements other existing policies, including the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy, the Privacy Policy, the University Archives Policy, and the University Records Policy. 

The Policy requirements reflect the sensitivity of University data and offer remediation for the risks that could be posed by their mishandling. In particular, the Policy outlines the different classifications for University data; introduces actions required to secure data in accordance with these classifications; and details the roles of responsible administrators.

The Policy also establishes the Information Security Working Group (ISWG), which is responsible for creating, assigning, and amending secure handling requirements for University data, as well as for disseminating the Policy and Procedure documents and educating the University community about them. 

Over the next several months, Technology Sector staff will meet with University community members to explain the key information security principles established by the Policy and Procedures, including the roles and responsibilities of senior administrators, the ISWG, and the rest of our community. At these sessions, there will be opportunity to bring your questions and comments forward. 

The Policy and Procedures are available for review on the website:



October 2023 is Cyber Security Awareness Month

This Year's Theme:  Step Up Your Cyber Fitness


Week 4: Maintaining Muscle - Oct 23-27

Staying in good cyber shape means keeping on top of your security habits. This week, we’ll talk about the ways you can automate your cyber safety, like:

  • using a password manager
  • enabling automatic updates
  • backing up your data



Backing Up Your Data

  Backing up your data image, Image with clouds with arrows pointing up




Week 3: Learning Self-Defense - Oct 16-20

Beat cyber criminals to the punch by defending your devices! This week, we’ll cover the ways you can keep your devices protected, including:

  • installing anti-virus software
  • using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • securing your home Wi-Fi





Week 2: Account Workout - Oct 9-13

Here’s where the workout really begins. This week, we’ll work up a metaphorical sweat by learning how and why to:

  • use strong and unique passwords and passphrases
  • enable multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • avoid phishing and social engineering scams






Week 1: Warmup week - Oct 2-6

The best workouts always begin with a good warmup. This week, we’ll lay the groundwork for the rest of Cyber Month, covering topics like:

  • common cyber threats
  • tools that can keep you safe online
  • simple steps to start and practice getting cyber safe

For Students Only:  Take the Cyber Fitness Assessment
Whether you’re just starting your cyber security journey or you have experience with it, take the cyber assessment to test your knowledge and see where you can make gains.  Watch your UWinnipeg Webmail for access to the questionnaire.  If you enter your UWinnipeg Email address you can win a prize!

For Everyone:  Secure Your Devices Using the Free CIRA Canadian Shield Service

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) offers a free "DNS Firewall" service to all Canadians accessing the Internet.  This service will protect you from hostile websites that could infect your system with malware or generate phishing style attacks.  It is easy to setup and costs nothing.  Head to CIRA Canadian Shield now to check it out.