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Student Experiences

Interested in finding out what UWinnipeg student experiences were while on exchange? Take a look below at the testimonials and videos.

Program profiles and factsheets are also available at the Exchange Resource area. Email exchange@uwinnipeg.ca  to learn more. Once accepted for a UWinnipeg exchange, you will be introduced to other UWinnipeg students who have gone abroad on the same program as you.

My Intercultural Journey

UWinnipeg will follow three students throughout their intercultural exchange journey. Follow along with Jade’s exchange journey to Aarhus University, Denmark, Liz’s exchange journey to University of Bamberg, Germany and Kierra’s exchange journey to Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland!

Kierra, Liz and Jade: Pre-Departure


Kierra’s Exchange Journey to Scotland

Hi everyone! My name is Kierra (she/her) and I am finishing up my degree in Human Rights & Conflict Resolution. I will be going to Scotland and studying in Glasgow at Glasgow Caledonian University! This will be my first time solo travelling and a wonderful, growing adventure! 

I am going into this journey with an open mind, ready to take in as much as possible. I'm looking forward to meeting people from all around the world, adapting to living in a foreign country, and all the things I don't even know to be excited for yet! 

I am eager to take you along and share some of that experience with you.

Liz’s Exchange Journey to Germany

Hi I’m Liz! I’m studying Economics at U of W. I’ll be doing my study exchange at Universitat Bamberg in Germany during fall and winter, and I’m so excited!

I love to travel, and living abroad has been a dream of mine. The Global Skills Opportunity funding is helping to turn this dream into reality! I feel so fortunate to have been selected for the study abroad experience, and I’m looking forward to new experiences, the change of scenery, and speaking German every day!

You can follow my study abroad adventure on Instagram and through the vlogs I post!

Liz’s Q&A Video

Jade’s Exchange Journey to Denmark

Hi! My name is Jade and I am in the Integrated Education Program at The University of Winnipeg with a major in Biology. I’m super excited to be going on a 6-week summer exchange to Aarhus University in Denmark with UWinnipeg’s Undergraduate Student Exchange Program! This opportunity is allowing me to get UWinnipeg credits for the courses I’m taking abroad, while at the same time having an amazing intercultural experience! The Global Skills Opportunity funding from the Government of Canada has helped me to pursue this dream of mine to study abroad. What I’m most looking forward to with this experience is making new friends and learning more about other cultures. Denmark also has a great education system that I hope to learn more about as a student there, so I can hopefully take different strategies back into my future classroom as an aspiring teacher! Follow along with my video blogs as I partake on this amazing journey!

A Glimpse of Aarhus, Denmark – Jade’s Exchange Experience

Kierra, Liz and Jade:  Reflections on their Study Abroad Experience