Course Load and Tuition

Study Abroad - Outbound Exchange

Course Load

In most cases, undergraduate students in exchange programs will be required to pay tuition for a full course load (12 credit hours/term).  When you are abroad, if you don't end up taking a full course load, you will be refunded the tuition. 

There is no guarantee that courses will be granted exchange credit. It is a good idea to make a list of courses and speak with an Academic Advisor to see how they would apply towards your degree. Before leaving UWinnipeg students will prepare a list of prospective courses from the host institution’s catalogue and meet with Faculty Advisors to review.

How are Tuition and Other Fees Paid?

All tuition is paid at UWinnipeg. Students are also responsible for paying things like student fees, administrative fees (if applicable), health insurance, visa fees, living expenses and travel costs while abroad.  As well, all awards or student loans you may receive while you are on exchange will apply to your student account at UWinnipeg.