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Previous Student Experiences

Denmark – AU Summer University, Aarhus University

France – Tours, Video of UW Student Emma Reznichek

"My time in Tours, France was an amazing experience. There is so much to see and do in and around Tours. Being an exchange student there allowed me to meet students from all over the world as well as French local students.  I’m extremely glad that I was there for two semesters because the time flew by so quickly. The University of Tours has many different courses available to its exchange students and the exchange department hosts lots of activities for the international students throughout the year. Every day brought new challenges and experiences that I know I will carry along with me for the rest of my life." - Carling

France –The Grenoble Institute of Political Studies

"Studying in France is a wonderful experience. It provides the opportunity to learn or strengthen language skills. The academic system is challenging, with interesting course options. The study abroad program was an opportunity to travel while studying and to gain an educational experience that is unique. It is a great opportunity".  - Michayla

Scotland - Glasgow Caledonian University

“This was the most meaningful time of my life. I don’t have the words to explain how impacted I was by this experience, in both my professional and personal life. This was the highlight of my post-secondary learning and life so far. It completely changed the way I see my future and where I want to be. Meeting people from all around the world, adapting to different cultures, and all the challenges that come with studying/working abroad has really increased my confidence and made me realize I have the abilities, connections, and skills to work outside of my home bubble and continue to grow as a person. Travelling alone and started from scratch in a new country showed me I can problem solve, adapt, make meaningful connections, and figure out what I’m doing.

The most positive aspects of the exchange were bonding with my roommates who each came from a different country, seeing new places, getting to learn more about my field of study through a new lens and country context, playing on the unis basketball team, making friends from all around the world, visiting their homes and learning about their culture/way of life, realizing how capable I am and a new sense of freedom. This was truly the most invaluable experience, I could talk about it forever and it’s something I never thought I would get to have. Thank you so much for making this possible for me!”   -Kierra


"This year, I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program. I arrived in
Glasgow Scotland in early September and studied at the Glasgow Caledonian University.
I lived in student accommodation with five other international students all from different
countries around the world. Throughout my exchange, these girls became a huge part of my
experience, we planned trips together, family dinners and participated in each other's cultures,
holidays and traditions. These girls became my found family and we still all stay in contact today.

Traveling the world has always been a very big goal of mine and I took this opportunity to
visit numerous new countries while studying abroad. I was able to visit Wales, England and
France, as well as numerous amazing places throughout Scotland. Since my university work load
was not over-barring I was able to travel to cities like London, Paris, Edinburgh and more. As
someone who loves Scottish history, I made it a priority to visit some of the most famous castles
across the UK, including the Alnwick castle which is also known as the set of Hogwarts.

Glasgow’s phrase is “the people make Glasgow” and this is as advertised, every local I
met while on my exchange was extremely friendly and inviting. I already have another trip
booked to go back and visit the people I met while on exchange. This exchange was hands-down
the best opportunity I've ever had, I am forever grateful for this experience."   -Samara

Australia - University of New England

"My time in Australia and at the University of New England was amazing! I met so many amazing people along the way and have made life long connections. Doing a study abroad program allowed me to travel and experience another culture, while continuing my education. There were some days that were hard, but I would do it again in a heart beat!" - Joanna

“I would highly recommend an exchange. It’s an amazing experience that changed my life. I met so many wonderful people from all over the world and made friendships that will last a lifetime. Doing an exchange allowed me to see different parts of the world while continuing my education. The University of New England is a university where you get to personally know your professors and they go out of their way to inspire and help you. I definitely wish I had chosen to study abroad for a whole year instead of just a semester!” - Bryce

Germany - University of Bamberg

“First of all I would like to thank University of Winnipeg and all the people who have given me this golden opportunity to achieve this great experience.  Student exchange is the opportunity to do and see things you could of never dreamed of. Gain new friends and become a local in another culture. A journey of discovery and personal growth filled with unforgettable memories. After spending one year in Bamberg, Germany, I can say that I have learnt so much from the German culture and most of all my German has improved much more than what I had expected before going into this program. I have gained more experience, confidence and self-dependence within this year than ever. A big thank again to everyone who has made it possible.”   - Mila

"My time in Bamberg, Germany was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in my life. With only a population just over 70,000 people, student life dominates the city. I met some of my greatest friends from all over the world and still keep in touch to this day. Another great thing is that Germany is in the heart of Europe making it very easy to travel to other nearby countries, also inexpensively. The University of Bamberg really goes out of there way to help international students and plan a lot of excursions and events. I improved my language skills while also experiencing another education system. Studying abroad has opened a lot of new doors for me. It is a time in my life I will never forget." - Taylor

 “My time in Bamberg, Germany as an exchange student was an enriching, rewarding, and valuable experience. Not only did I get an opportunity to learn a new language, I got to experience one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures. Germans were very kind, friendly, and helpful to me during my exchange and I made some great and lifelong friends. In addition, the University of Bamberg offered subsidized excursions to 10 German cities (including Berlin and Potsdam) and 1 Austrian city (Salzburg) which allowed me to travel throughout Germany during my 11 month exchange. This has been a great and positively life-changing experience. I highly recommend the exchange experience to students at the University of Winnipeg”.    - Bryan

Republic of Korea - Chungnam National University

“Korea was an amazing experience; trying new food, discovering new places and most importantly making new friends. Learning about the culture and customs was mind blowing but very fascinating. I would definitely recommend traveling abroad to everyone especially for study!”  - Monique

United Kingdom - University of Central Lancashire

"My time in England was life changing.  I met a ton of new people from across the world, bonded with my flatmates, and got to enjoy all the beautiful things that the United Kingdom has to offer.  Through my experience, I gained self-confidence and realized how capable I am as a person.  I got to engage with British culture and learn so much about the history of this island.  It altered my worldview and strengthened the love of travel that I already had.  I absolutely fell in love with the United Kingdom and I would recommend doing an exchange for anyone looking for an incredible, life changing experience.  There were days that were challenging, but I wouldn’t change them for the world.  I wish I had done a whole year!"  - Annalise