Tips for First-Year Students

Student Wellness

Welcome to one of the most exciting (and stressful) transitions you may ever experience…otherwise known as First Year University!  Some of you may feel somewhat overwhelmed with the changes and experiences that your future holds.  Others may feel overjoyed to be starting this new and exciting chapter of your life and are looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead.  Either way, here is a quick list of tips that you may find helpful.

10. Stay Active

Check out The Bill Wedlake Fitness Centre and the benefits that a student membership can offer.  Go for a walk or ride your bike around the campus.  Don't forget to check out the Bike Lab. Also, keep your eyes open for free yoga sessions that are offered throughout the year!

9. Get Lost on Campus                       

Don’t panic if you get lost on campus.  Use this opportunity to explore your new environment in a safe and secure manner.  You will eventually figure out where you were headed and learn along the way.

 8. Create a Realistic Budget

Financial matters can be very stressful, especially if this is your first time living away from home.  Create a realistic budget and commit to it.  If you need some assistance in this area connect with Awards and Financial Aid. 

7. Try New Things

Winnipeg is a very diverse city full of amazing restaurants and cultural events.  Take a break and check out something new the City has to offer.

6. Get Involved

Join a student group or run for student office with The University of Winnipeg Student Association. Volunteer at the Food Bank or join the Health & Wellness Peer Educators. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people and to try new things while beefing up your resume with community involvement. 

5. Attend Orientation

Orientation at the U of W is a fun filled and useful way to get the feel of your new campus.  You will find swag bags filled with goodies and be offered all the information you can soak up!!  

4. Be Kind to Yourself

Take the time to reflect and be mindful of your need for self-care.  You will make mistakes and things will not always be ‘wonderful’.  Most people do not expect you to be perfect so remind yourself (often) that you are not perfect and that’s OK.  Keeping a balance is important so make time for yourself. 

3. Seek Support

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused or in crisis and do not know where to turn, the Student Intake & Conduct Manager is here to assist you to figure out the on and off campus resources that may be helpful to you.

2. Stay in Touch

Go ‘old school’ and write a letter home to your family and mail it at the Info Booth.  Send that email or phone your loved ones back home.  Maintaining old connections is just as important as making new ones. 

1. Enjoy the Journey!

Within ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ you will learn and grow.  One day, you will look back at your first year and know that you did your best and had a unique learning experience that helped shape who you are today!