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Naloxone Opioid Overdose Kits

contents of a nalaxone kit

What are Opiates?

Opiates are drugs containing opium and are used in the medical field to relieve pain and induce sleep. Opiates cover a wide variety of drugs, including legal drugs such as fentanyl, morphine and oxycodone and illegal drugs such as heroin. They are highly addictive and when misused can lead to an overdose.

The following link provides a list of opioids in Canada:  Health Canada - List of Opioids


What is Naloxone?

Naloxone (also known as Narcan) is a safe and fast-acting medication used to block the effects of opioids, especially when experiencing an overdose. It can be taken Intramuscularly (injected into a muscle) or sprayed into the nose. It takes approximately 2 – 5 minutes to work. The effects of naloxone last between ½ hour- 1 hour. Multiple doses of naloxone may be needed as the duration of action of most opioids is greater than that of naloxone. 

If You Suspect an Overdose:

CALL 911 or your local Emergency Medical Services: say someone is unresponsive and not breathing and stay on the line.

Signs of Overdose:

UNCONSCIOUS: Won’t wake up or respond

BREATHING: Slow or shallow (less than 1 breath every 5 seconds). Gasping while sleeping or weird snoring.

SKIN: Pale or bluish skin or lips.

Naloxone Kits

If you are currently using opiates or have used opiates in the past and would like to receive a naloxone kit and be trained in how to administer it, please contact Klinic on Campus to schedule an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner:

Klinic Health Services
Wellness Centre
The University of Winnipeg
Duckworth Centre (main floor)
400 Spence Street, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2E9
Phone: 204.786.9496
For hours, please go to Contact Us

OR use this online tool to search for other facilities that offer kits:

Manitoba Health Naloxone Finder 


OR check the following pharmacies and health care facilities in Winnipeg for kits:

Klinic (for clients of the Portage Avenue Klinic location only)

Hope Centre

London Drugs #66

Manitoba Opioid Support and Treatment Program (M.O.S.T) (for clients of M.O.S.T. only)

Nine Circles Community Health Centre

Street Connections

Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre

NorWest Coop Community Health Centre

Centre de santé ACCÈS – ACCESS Saint-Boniface

For a list of services outside of the Winnipeg region please visit Street Connections: http://streetconnections.ca/content.php?navigation_id=2294 or contact Manitoba Addictions Help Line: 1-855-662-6605 mbaddictionhelp.ca 


 ^ Photo Credit: Brian Theriault