Transcript Requests

Student Records

If you need official transcripts of your academic record in an undergraduate or graduate program at The University of Winnipeg, you must fill out the Transcript Request Form and submit it using one of the methods below.

Because we require your signature in order to release your record, there are only four ways to submit a transcript request form: 

  1. In person: Visit  Student Central, 1st Floor, Rice Centre, 489 Portage Avenue.  Payment can be made with cash, debit, cheque, money order (Canadian ONLY), MC or Visa.

  2. Mail: Attention: Transcripts, Student Records Office, The University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2E9.  Payment can be made with cheque, money order (Canadian ONLY), MC or Visa.

  3. Fax: 204.786.8656 - Payment can be made with MC or Visa ONLY.

  4. Scanned Email:  Scan the written request and then email it to   Payment can be made with MC or Visa ONLY.

Download the Transcript Request Form.

Questions?  Please see our FAQs below.

Transcript FAQs

How long does it take to get a transcript?

It takes us about 5 business days to process a request. In special circumstances and during very busy periods it can take up to 10 business days.

How much does a transcript cost?

The cost is $14.00 per transcript (as of July 1, 2018). There are additional fees for special services such as express courier; all fees are listed on the request form.

Can I order my transcript over the phone?

No. Because we require your signature in order to release your record, you cannot order transcripts over the phone. 

I just need an unofficial transcript.  Can you print one for me?

No. Our offices only provide official transcripts. If you simply require an unofficial version, current and past students with access to WebAdvisor can print unofficial transcripts for personal use.  Login to WebAdvisor, go to "Current Students," and then under the "Academic Profile" heading, click "Transcript" to see your grades. To print it, right click the page and select print. Typically, grades are posted about 3 to 4 weeks after the end of an exam period.

I can’t remember my student number to fill out the form. Can you tell me my student number over the phone?

No. To protect student privacy we cannot tell you your student number or any specific information regarding your record over the phone. However, we do not need your student number to find you in our systems and provide you with a transcript; simply fill out as much information on the form as you are able and we can find you in our system. 

Can someone else order a transcript for me?

Due to provincial privacy policies, under FIPPA, there are only 2 ways another person can order a transcript on your behalf:

  • You provide your designate with a signed letter stating that you would like them to order and/or pick up a transcript on your behalf.
    - OR -
  • You fill out and submit an "Authorization for Release of Information" form, available at Forms or at Student Central. It is free and only takes a minute or two.  

I have a deadline to meet that is before the five business day processing time, so do you provide a rush-service?

No, we do not have a rush service. Transcripts are processed on a first-come, first-served basis as we have a very high volume of requests. If you have a specific deadline that was out of your control you can write the date you require the transcript by as well as the reason why you need it by that date and we will try to complete it in time. However, due to the high volumes of requests and to keep the process fair for all students, we cannot make any guarantees regarding when we can have transcripts completed. 

How long does the courier service take?

After your transcript has been printed (about 5 business days from your order date) your transcript will be sent via Dynamex Courier or UPS Express and should arrive the following business day. For overseas destinations it will arrive within 2 business days. We will provide you with a tracking number once it has been shipped so you can track your transcript’s journey. 

I am graduating soon.  When will my degree appear on my transcript?

Congratulations! Your degree will appear on your transcript on the day of convocation and will remain on your record permanently thereafter. To order a transcript so it is ready soon after convocation and displays your degree information, submit your  Transcript Request Form at least 10 days before convocation and select “Hold until degree record after convocation” on the bottom right side of the request form. 

Can I order my transcripts online?

Not yet but we are working on it! Currently, you can print the Transcript Request Form, fill it out and then e-mail it to us at  Alternatively you can mail it to us, fax it, or drop it off. Forms are also available on the Forms webpage or at Student Central.

I am a B.Ed./P.B.D.E. student.  Will you automatically send a transcript to the Certification Unit for me once I graduate?

No. If you would like a transcript sent to a Certification Unit for teacher certification or salary re-classification, you will need to order a transcript and have it sent directly to the Certification Unit. Due to the volume of requests we receive, it is best if you submit your Transcript Request Form far in advance of your convocation day (submitting it with your application for graduation would be ideal). Doing so ensures that your transcript will be sent in a timely fashion following convocation.

If you have not yet graduated, to ensure your degree(s) is (are) on your transcript before it is sent to a Certification Unit, please select to have your transcript held for convocation and check off your convocation month under the “Instructions for Preparation” section of the request form.

Please note that you will need to write the full address of the Certification Unit that you would like your transcript sent to on your request form as there are a variety of certification units and boards across Canada.

It is also suggested that students fill in a separate request to have one transcript sent via mail to their home address in the event that an official transcript is required for interviews. 

Other Questions?
If you have any additional questions, you can e-mail us at or you can phone us at 204.786.9739.