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The information below is for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies students.
* PACE students:  For details, please click on PACE graduate information.

Students in their last year of studies must apply for graduation using the online form in WebAdvisor/Student Planning. 

Here are some frequently asked questions/answers about the process:

When do I apply to graduate?

You apply to graduate when you are in your final academic year of study. Each year there are convocations in February (in absentia only), June, and October. You can (and should) apply while you are still in classes.

As a general rule, students completing their final courses in December should apply for the February or June convocation. Students finishing their final courses in April should apply for the June convocation. Students completing their final courses throughout the Spring Term should apply for the October convocation.

What is the deadline to apply for graduation?

The deadlines for applying to graduate are as follows:

November 1 for the February (Winter) Convocation

February 1 for the June (Spring) Convocation

August 1 for the October (Fall) Convocation

Note:  Late applications will not be accepted.

How do I apply to graduate?

All students need to apply online for graduation through their WebAdvisor account:

  • Log in to WebAdvisor with your username and password.
  • Click on the Graduation tab.

After I have applied when will I know if I qualify?  Will anyone contact me?

If there are any problems with your application, you will be contacted. Keep in mind that your application is not reviewed immediately after you apply- normally applications are reviewed once the final add/drop period for the term prior to your convocation has ended. For example, applications for the June convocation are normally reviewed starting in February. 

Information about the convocation ceremony, including how to order your cap and gown and graduating in absentia, will be sent via e-mail to your WebMail account approximately one to two months before convocation. 

Once final grades have been released, a final check is done and all graduands who qualify and are attending the convocation ceremony are mailed a procession card. Students who do not qualify are mailed letters to inform them.

What does “in absentia” mean?

When we mention “in absentia” it simply means that you are receiving your degree but not attending the convocation ceremony. In February there is no ceremony but students graduate and receive their degree parchments in the mail so we say this graduation is “in absentia only.”

Students who wish to graduate but do not want to attend convocation may do so but must notify us by filling out a form so that we know where to send your degree parchment. 

Find the "Graduation - request to receive degree in absentia" form here:  Forms - Student Services.  Forms are also available at Student Central and sent in the initial e-mail graduands receive about convocation.

I graduated in February but I want to attend a ceremony. How do I do that?

All February Graduates are invited to attend the June convocation of that same academic year. February Graduates are required to RSVP to the June convocation and order a cap and gown- they are not automatically included in the June ceremony.  Information regarding the ceremony and how to order regalia and RSVP will be sent to February graduates via e-mail approximately 2 months before convocation. 

I am taking a Spring Term course that ends before the June convocation date, can I use that to course qualify for graduation in June?

No. Official final grades for spring term courses are released after convocation and as a result cannot be used  toward degree requirements for a June graduand. If you are taking courses required for your degree in the Spring Term you should apply for the October convocation.

I require a Confirmation of Graduation Letter. How do I order one?

If you require an official letter to state that you will be graduating or have graduated, you can order one.

Letters can be ordered through Student Central by filling out the Certified Document Request Form. The link to the form can be found here: https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/student-services/forms.html

Students who request a confirmation of graduation letter must apply for graduation prior to ordering the letter; we cannot produce letters for students who have not applied for graduation.

There are three different letters that can be produced depending on when you order your letter:

  1. Prior to final official grades being released. Provided you qualify, the letter will state that you will be recommended to graduate pending successful completion of current courses.  This letter will not suffice for the purposes of a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) application.
  2. Once final official grades are released. Provided you qualify, the letter will state that you have met the requirements and will be recommended to graduate. This is typically the letter students use to apply for the Post- Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).
  3. After graduation. The letter will state that you have officially graduated.

If you specifically require a letter to be held for final grades (to apply for PGWP) or held for graduation, please make note of this on the form; otherwise your letter will be produced within 5 business days and will reflect your record as-is. 

The letters always state the student’s full name as well as the degree and major they are seeking.

Note: The University of Winnipeg does not issue invitations for the convocation ceremony.

Where can I go to have my graduation photo taken?

Graduation portraits are done through LifeTouch studios. They have all of the University of Winnipeg hoods, caps, and gowns available at their studios.  They do have some sessions on campus- please contact them for details about booking in studio or on campus.

Life Touch Studios

Photos of graduates crossing the stage at either the June or October convocation are also available. Information about ordering those photographs is sent to graduands in the information package they receive about one month before convocation and will also be on the convocation section of the website about 2 weeks before convocation. Photos are taken of all graduates so if you missed ordering photos before the convocation we will put an order form up on the website a couple of days after convocation so you may still order photos.

Where do I purchase a frame for my degree parchment?

Official University of Winnipeg degree frames are available for purchase through the book store. All proceeds from these frames go toward supporting alumni initiatives and scholarships. They can be purchased year-round at the Bookstore or at the Alumni Association Booth on convocation day. For more information please visit: Degree Frames

Other questions about the ceremony?  If you would like more information about the specific convocation you are attending, including guest accommodation, dates, order of proceedings and more, please visit the Convocation section of the University of Winnipeg Website found here:  Convocation