The Centre for Rupert's Land Studies  is a membership alliance dedicated to building Canada’s digital preservation infrastructure and providing the broadest possible access to Canadian documentary heritage. The organizations works closely with major memory institutions to identify, catalogue, digitize and store documentary heritage—books, newspapers, periodicals, images and nationally-significant archival materials—in specialized research databases. There are a number of online collections currently available including Hudson’s Bay Company, Early Canadian Periodicals, and Canadiana Discover Portal. Their website also has several links to other resources and institutions.

CanGenealogy  is a site maintained by Dave Obee, a respected and award-winning author, journalist and genealogist in Victoria, BC. His site contains a list of sites for genealogical searches for by region and category, record types. It also includes links to resources.

Métis National Council Historical Online Database

Library and Archives Canada: 1870 Census of Manitoba