Advisory Council Members

The Centre for Rupert's Land Studies


Roland Bohr: Director, Centre for Rupert's Land Studies and Associate Professor, History Dept., University of Winnipeg. Specializes in Canadian Indigenous History.

Paul de Pasquale: Associate Professor, English Dept., University of Winnipeg; specializes in Aboriginal studies; Aboriginal literature; early modern colonial literature; historical approaches to literature; cultural materialism; and cultural studies.

Kathleen Epp: Keeper of the Records, The Hudson's Bay Company Archives.

Val McKinley: Technician and Museum Curator, Anthropology Dept., University of Winnipeg.

Jacqueline Romanow: Associate Professor, Indigenous Governance, University of Winnipeg.

Scott Stephen: Historian, Parks Canada; specializes in the history of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Patricia Harms: Assistant Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies, Brandon University; historian specializing in Gender and Transnational history, Latin American History, women’s History, and comparative indigenous History.

Patricia McCormack: Associate Professor, Faculty of Native Studies, U of Alberta; ethnohistorian, focusing on fur trade history, cultural transformation and renewal, oral traditions and indigenous knowledge, material culture, missionaries and Native Christianity, and patterns of colonialism.

Amelia Fay: Anthropologist, Manitoba Museum.

Caroline Podruchny: Associate Professor of History, York University; historian of Aboriginal and French relations and Métis history in early North American history, specializing in fur trade encounters, systems of communication, and identity formation.