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University/College Archives

British Columbia

Simon Fraser University Library – Special Collections. This link to the universities description of their special collections which includes material related to the History of Canada and History of Western Canada collection which includes extensive holdings of Social Credit, C.C.F./labour material, Doukhobor collection and histories of the west.

University of British Columbia – Archives. Includes their collection of Bullock Webster sketches produced in the late 1800s by Webster while he worked for HBC in the Canadian west, especially northern Alberta and BC and the Delgamuukw Trial transcripts. These particular collections are digitized and available online. There is also a virtual display of the Totem collection.


University of Alberta Libraries. Maintains Peel’s Prairie Provinces . The University also has among its collections the Magee Photographic collection, which contains over 900 images depicting the Blackfoot Nation in and around Browning, Montana and the US Glacier National Park in the early 20th century and the Sir Sam Steele collection.

University of CalgaryArchives and Special Collections. Among its holdings, the university has digitized a collection of 39 Dene craft articles


University of Saskatchewan. The Archives at the University of Saskatchewan contains material related to indigenous peoples including the Native Law Centre fonds and the Harold Nelson Woodsworth Collection, a collection of ledgers, reports, and correspondence created by or sent to Indian Agents in Saskatchewan, 1885-1963.


Booth University College

Brandon University. The S. J. McKee Archives, located in the John E. Robbins Library, include holdings related to rural development, agriculture, and First Nations. They include the Westman Oral History collection, the William Wallace fonds, and the Birtle Residential Schools fonds.

University of Manitoba. Includes archival material related to the Agricultural Experience (the Spencer Family fonds and the Wenceslaus Hallama Family fonds, etc) and Native Studies (Dechene-May Indigenous Languages of Rupert’s Land Collection, Jill Oaks fonds, Melita and David A. Ennis fonds (Churchill Photographs, etc). 


Algoma University. The Engracia de Jesus Matthias Archives and Special Collections includes papers from individuals and organizations on a variety of topics related to Native Studies but especially residential schools. The university also maintains the Shingwuak Residential Schools Centre.

Queen’s University. Collections related to the fur trade and missionaries include the Russian American Company fonds, Diary of a clerk in charge of Hudson’s Bay Post at Fort Resolution, Great Slave Lake, and the David Avery fonds.

Trent University. The university archives contains mainly records related to First Nations peoples including the Indian Wild Rice Harvest at Rice Lake (1 photo album), Department of Indian Affairs fonds which includes material from Upper Canada, Canada West, and Ontario, and the George Y. Clement fonds which includes references to Louis Riel. Material related to the fur trade includes the Captain Thomas Gummersall Anderson diaries fonds, Sarah Barclay fonds which includes some material related to the British Columbia fur trade, and the North West Company fur traders licences fonds.

University of Western Ontario. Fur trade the Ermatinger Family fonds and James Evans fonds,


McGill University - This link takes you to volume 2 of the archives resources guide. The Culture, Literature and Arts theme includes the material related to the Algonquin and Nippissing Indians of Oka, 1831-1880, and Micmac Indians, 1796, 1836; the Medicine and Science theme includes material from Sir William Edmond Logan, director of the Geological Survey of Canada in 1842, and Sir Josephe Banks, 1743-1820, who collected natural history specimens in Newfoundland and Labrador (1766).