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UWinnipeg postdoc helps build a better iMRI system

A 1.5-Tesla magnetic resonance imager (MRI) that has been integrated with SCHI’s ground-based magnet mover and custom-built neurosurgical patient table to create an intraoperative MRI system.

A postdoctoral fellow who began his academic career at The University of Winnipeg is playing an integral role in the development of a next-generation intraoperative MRI (iMRI) system that is more user-friendly for neurosurgeons and more affordable for hospitals.

Dr. Michael Lang, Research and Development Scientist with Sino Canada Health Institute Inc. (SCHI), and his postdoctoral advisor, Dr. Melanie Martin, Professor in the Department of Physics and Co-Director of The University of Winnipeg Brain Imaging and Metabolic Research Lab, are coauthors of a newly published paper detailing the successful testing of the first ground-based, cryogen-free mobile iMRI system.

Dr. Michael Lang
Dr. Michael Lang

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