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Physics Scholarships

Departmental Scholarships

Henry Doidge Memorial Scholarship:

Awarded to a student with standing in first year Physics who is entering the second year of the Physics Major program.

Duckworth Scholarship:
Awarded on the nomination of the Department of Physics to a student of outstanding academic promise who is a declared Physics Major and who is entering or continuing Major work in Physics at this University. Thus the recipient will be entering second, third or fourth year.

B.G. Hogg Scholarship:

Awarded on the basis of academic merit to a student in the Physics Major program for the purpose of attending an undergraduate or professional Physics conference.

D.C. Hogg Scholarship:

This scholarship is to be awarded on the basis of academic merit to a student entering the Fourth year of the Physics B.Sc. 4-year program on a full-time basis.

Dr. Herbert Shubin Memorial Scholarship:
This scholarship is provided by the Erica and Arnold Rogers Fund for Academic Excellence. It will be awarded annually to the most promising student entering the Final year of the 4-year Physics program.

Brian J. Hyslop Memorial Scholarship in Physics:
This scholarship will be awarded to a Third Year student enrolled at The University of Winnipeg in the honours degree in physics, who has a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 and demonstrates the compassion and giving nature of Brian, a great man who showed patience and acceptance to all. Recipients will have worked under the supervision of a faculty member in the Department of Physics on a research project, demonstrating a passion for physics and a superior ability to do productive research. Further consideration will also be given to students interested in pursuing a master's degree in physics, and students who are likely to contribute to society and have a commitment to helping their community.

Dr. Donald Kydon Prize:
The Dr. Donald Kydon Prize will be awarded to a student entering Second year or beyond with a distinguished record who has excelled in physics. Eligible students must be continuing the study of physics. Preference may be given to students with a demonstrated interest in medical physics and/or to students from under-represented groups.

Kunstatter Family Bursary in Physics:
Awarded annually to a student entering the second or third year of a 4 year Bsc (Major or Honours) in Physics. A passion for physics combined with strong academic skills is essential. Students must demonstrate financial need with preference given to single parents.

The Donald Kerr Scholarship in Honours Physics:
This scholarship will be awarded to an academically exceptional student entering their final year of an Honours Physics degree at The University of Winnipeg. The candidate must submit a two-page personal statement explaining which of the following traits they possess and provide examples: an educator with the desire and aptitude for instructing others, a scientist with the knowledge and commitment required to complete a research project, or a leader showing reliability, productivity, cooperation and integrity within a team. Examples used may be in Physics, academia or other areas of life.


UWinnipeg Scholarships

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