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General Information

The physics department offers 3-year, 4-year, and Honours Bachelor of Science degrees:

  • 3-year B.Sc.
  • 3-year B.Sc. (Computational Physics Stream)
  • 4-year B.Sc.
  • 4-year B.Sc. (Chemical Physics Stream)
  • 4-year B.Sc. (Computational Physics Stream)
  • 4-year B.Sc. (Radiataion Therapy Stream)
  • Honours B.Sc.
  • Honours B.Sc. (Chemical Physics Stream)
  • Honours B.Sc. (Mathematical Physics Stream)
  • Honours B.Sc. (Medical Physics Stream)

For more information about the various degrees offered, see:

The Physics section of the current UWinnipeg Academic Calendar

Dual Degree in Engineering

The University of Minnesota will no longer partner with the University of Winnipeg to offer a dual degree option in Physics & Engineering. However, you can still obtain a degree in Physics at the UofW and continue studies at U of Minnesota to complete an Engineering degree!

Any students interested in pursuing Engineering at the University of Minnesota can still apply to the University of Minnesota’s Engineering programs as an independent applicant.  Visit: https://cse.umn.edu/college/transfer Any questions regarding these engineering programs must be directed to the University of Minnesota contact, as listed on the website.

Current FULL UWinnipeg Academic Calendar

Information regarding university policies and regulations, etc. is available here:

Current UWinnipeg Academic Calendar