PBDE Requirements

Post Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Education

The PBDE general requirements:

Students must complete 30 credit hours of course work

A maximum of 12 credit hours can be transferred from other post-secondary institutions (for UW students you need to get a letter of permission (LOP) before registering at another university to make sure the courses you are taking, are approved by the Faculty of Education)

Generally, only formal university courses will be accepted for credit toward the PBDE. Except in cases where PD Sessions  have been pre-approved as part of a formal partnership between the Faculty of Education and a particular school division.

Students must achieve a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 (C+) across 30 credit hours in order to graduate with the PBDE.

The PBDE offers the following Streams:

General Stream
School Counseling Stream
Special (Inclusive) Education Stream

PBDE Program Guide