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James Currie

James Currie Title: Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 204-786-9288
Office: 7L08
Building: Lockhart Hall
Email: j.currie@uwinnipeg.ca


Currie's main research focus is on combinatorics on words, especially the study of avoidable and unavoidable regularities in strings of symbols. Strings  arise everywhere – in DNA, data streams, languages, or in algebra – but their basic mathematical properties are still being worked out.

Dr. Currie currently holds an NSERC Discovery Grant, which allows him to support students in research positions. Contact him to learn about research opportunities.

Recent talks:

 A characterization of the period-doubling word. Coast Combinatorics Conference 2023, Vancouver

Recent publications:

  • Antisquares and Critical Exponents, Baranwal, J. Currie, L. Mol, P. Ochem, N. Rampersad, J. Shallit. (2023). Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science.
  • Properties of a ternary infinite word, J. Currie, P. Ochem, N. Rampersad, J. Shallit. (2023). RAIRO-Theor. Inf. Appl.
  • The undirected repetition threshold and undirected pattern avoidance, J. Currie, L. Mol (2021) Theoretical Computer Science 866, 56-69.
  • Characterization of the lengths of binary circular words containing no squares other than 00, 11, and 0101, J. Currie, J. Johnson (2021) Theoretical Computer Science 850, 30-39.

Recent Preprints:

  • The analogue of overlap-freeness for the period-doubling sequence, J. Currie (2023). arXiv preprint 14539
  • Complement avoidance in binary words, J Currie, P Ochem, N Rampersad, J Shallit (2022) arXiv preprint 09598
  • Extending Dekking's construction of an infinite binary word avoiding abelian -powers Currie, L. Mol, N. Rampersad, J. Shallit (2021) arXiv preprint 2111.07857

Recipient of The Erica and Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship, 2008

Recipient of Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance,  2019