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Mathematics and Statistics


The Statistics Program   

The Department offers programs towards both 3-year BA and BSc degree and 4-year BA and BSc degree. 
The degree of BA or BSc for you will depend upon the number of arts or science courses you take, in addition to fulfilling the requirements for a Statistics major.  Refer to the University of Winnipeg Course Calendar Regulations and Section IX Course Descriptions of the University of Winnipeg Course Calendar. All majors in statistics are required to take several mathematics courses as prerequisites for statistics courses. Examples are:

  • MATH-1101(6) Intro to Calculus or the equivalent MATH-1103(3) Intro to Calculus I AND MATH-1104(3) Intro to Calculus II
  • MATH-1201(3) Linear Algebra I
  • MATH-1401(3) Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH-2105(3) Intermediate Calculus I and MATH-2106(3) Intermediate Calculus II or the former MATH-2101(6): Intermediate Calculus
  • MATH-2203(3) Linear Algebra II

All majors in statistics must take the following courses:

  • STAT-1301(3)  Statistical Analysis I and STAT-1302(3) Statistical Analysis II (formerly STAT-1201(6): Introduction to Statistical Analysis) OR
  • STAT-1501(3)  Elementary Biological Statistics I AND STAT-1601(3) Elementary Biological Statistics II
  • STAT-2301(3) Survey Sampling I
  • STAT-3611(3) Mathematical Statistics I
  • STAT-3612(3) Mathematical Statistics II

We recommend that the Statistics major take some courses in computer programming and other related areas. 

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The Department Office is located in Room 6L02, phone 786-9834.

For further information about specific courses, please direct your enquiries to the individual faculty member who will be teaching the course.  More information can also be read about the courses in the Course Calendar.

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