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Mathematics and Statistics



The Department faculty offices and Office Assistant are located in Lockhart Hall (at the Ellice end of the University) on the 6th floor and 7th floor.

Our address:

The University of Winnipeg,
515 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3B 2E9    email



Department Office

J. Beaver, Department Office Assistant

Office:  6L02   Phone: 204-786-9834   email

If you're looking for an old course outline please email your request with the course name/course# year/term you took the course.


A. Stokke, Professor  and Chair

Office:  6L26 Phone: 204-786-9059  email 


J. Babb, Associate Professor

Office:  7L08    Phone:  204-786-9361  email 

B. Bector, Instructor

Office:  6L21    Phone:  204-786-9227  email

J. Currie, Professor, Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Office:  3C17 Phone: 204-786-9288 email  

S. Ezzat, Instructor  

Office:  6L37 Phone: 204-786-9403  email

S. Gosselin, Associate Professor 

Office:  6L05  Phone  204-786-9346  email

M. Ghahramani, Professor 

Office:  6L25  Phone: 204-789-1414  email

S. Hossain, Associate Professor 

Office:  6L22 Phone: 204-786-9492  email

H. A. Howlader, Professor  

Office:  6L03 Phone: 204-786-9347  email

S. Khan, Instructor    

Office:  6L23 Phone: 204-786-9388  email

V. Linek, Professor 

Office:  6L32 Phone: 204-786-9308  email

Z. Mashreghi, Assistant Professor

Office: 6L40  Phone: 204-786-9366  email

M. Nasri, Instructor

Office: 6L07  Phone: 204-789-4215  email

O.R. Oellermann, Professor  

Office:  6L04 Phone: 204-786-9367  email

N. Rampersad, Associate Professor 

Office:  7L06 Phone: 204-786-9882  email

A. Stokke, Professor  and Chair

Office:  6L26 Phone: 204-786-9059  email

R. Stokke, Professor 

Office:  6L06 Phone: 204-786-9375  email

T. Visentin, Professor  

Office:  6L24 Phone: 204-786-9374  email

Patricia F. Moodie, Research Scholar  email

Lucas Mol, Post-Doctoral Fellow  email

CAS Faculty

M. Nadimi   email

L.Simpson  email

M.Nourmohammadi   email