James Currie

The Erica and Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship

James Currie

Currie is a leading mathematics researcher. His present research interests include ordered sets, graph dimension and quantum computing. His principal area of research is in a field of pure mathematics called combinatorics on words, and within this specialty, Currie is one of the world's leading experts on repetitions in words and pattern avoidance. 

Currie studies problems that are often posed in deceptively simple language but can be quite difficult to solve. He has enriched his field by solving those problems and by introducing new mathematical tools - including the probabilistic method and the fixed blocking method - to advance further research.

Currie has published almost 70 papers in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals. Along with other scholarly publications, Currie has spoken at numerous conferences. His research profile on the international stage has inspired other academics to work with him or under his tutelage.