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Anna Stokke

Anna Stokke Title: Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 204.786.9059
Office: 6L24
Building: Lockhart Hall
Email: a.stokke@uwinnipeg.ca


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Alberta
M.Sc. in Mathematics, University of Manitoba
B.Sc. in Mathematics, Brandon University

Dr. Anna Stokke's Website


Bio: Dr. Anna Stokke grew up in Manitoba and received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Alberta. Her research area is combinatorial representation theory and algebraic combinatorics.  She has supervised numerous students in undergraduate research positions since she started working at the University of Winnipeg.  

Dr. Stokke is also an advocate for strong math education for Canadian children; she has given over 100 media interviews on the topic and has written numerous editorials for both local and national newspapers.  She co-founded a math education advocacy group and is President and co-founder of the non-profit organization, Archimedes Math Schools.  She hosts a podcast on education and math called Chalk & Talk.


3M National Teaching Fellowship Award  2021
Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence  2021 
PIMS Education Prize  2017
Clarence Atchison Award for Excellence in Community Service  2015
YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Award  2015


Professor, Mathematics, University of Winnipeg

Research Interests:

Representation theory, algebraic combinatorics.

Dr. Stokke currently holds an NSERC Discovery Grant, which allows her to support students in research positions. Contact her to learn about research opportunities.


See Anna Stokke's website for a full list of publications.

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