Claire LaBrecque


Claire LaBrecque Title: Associate Professor
Office: 3A33
Building: Ashdown
Phone: 204-786-9295

Teaching Areas:
Medieval and Renaissance art & architecture; 12th - 17th Century stained glass; Medieval pilgrimage art.



HIST-1011 (3) Cross Currents in Global Art
HIST-2805 (3) The Power of Art: Visual Worship & Violence
HIST-3813(3) Art in Focus - Rogier van der Weyden
HIST-3816(6) Art & Architecture of Pilgrimage
HIST-3840(3or6) Seventeenth Century Art
HIST-3841(3or6) Arts of the Middle Ages
HIST-3842(3or6) Italian Renaissance Art
HIST-3843(3or6) Northern Renaissance Art
HIST-4801(6) Special Topics in Art History
HIST-4803(3/6) Gothic Revival Art & Architecture in Winnipeg


Research Interests:


Corpus Vitrearum International

Registry of Stained-Glass Windows in Canada (Dir. Prof. Shirley Ann Brown)

Vidimus, online publication on stained glass, Ed. Anna Eavis (English Heritage)

Canadian Society of Medievalists

Peregrinations – Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture

International Center of Medieval Art



Manuscript in progress: “Shedding Light on Collections of Pre-Modern Stained Glass in Canada”, C. Labrecque, R. Sanfaçon and J. Bugslag; 2nd vol. of the Canadian Corpus Vitrearum series.

 “More Stained-Glass Fragments from Park Abbey (Leuven) Discovered in Quebec”, in Vidimus, Issue 119 (March 2018)

“Scénographie du portail flamboyant du Nord-Est de la France et l'évocation du passé” , in Autour de l'architecture flamboyante en France de Roland Sanfaçon, Ed. Dr. Stéphanie Diane Daussy and Prof. Arnaud Timbert (Presses Universitaires du Septentrion – forthcoming 2018).

 “Evocation and Revocation of the Past in the Late Gothic Architecture, or the Transmission and Transformation of Classical Gothic Principles in the Late 15th-Century Effervescent Region of Picardy”, in Medieval Gothic Architecture and its Revivals: Transformation and Transmission through Time and Space, Ed. by Prof. Malcolm Thurlby and Candice Bogdanski (Cambridge Scholars Publishing – forthcoming 2018).

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