Information for Sponsored Students and Sponsoring Agencies

***IMPORTANT: Full-time students (9 or more qualifying credits per term) are automatically charged the Health Plan and the U-Pass. For opt-out/in information please visit the UWSA website.

A Sponsor is a third-party entity, such as a First Nation Band, community organization, or employer that agrees to pay The University of Winnipeg for a student's education expenses.

Sponsors are typically invoiced for full tuition and all mandatory fees. The Sponsor must complete an Authorization to Invoice Form, or they may not be invoiced. The form is available in a PDF version or a word version.  This form must be returned to Student Financial Services no later than the tuition due date for each Term. Failure to complete the form by the required deadline may result in the student account being assessed late fees and/or the student registration being cancelled for non-payment. This authorization MUST be completed by the Sponsoring agency. Forms or letters addressed to students are not considered as authorization.

For books and supplies, please contact the Bookstore on campus (Follett Canada) directly for sponsorship information.


  • If the form is not completed and returned to Student Financial Services, the student will not be officially recognized as a sponsored student, the account will be assessed a late payment fine on the standard assessment schedule or may have their registration cancelled.
  • If the authorization has a dollar limit or if specific fees are not covered, the student is responsible for payment of the remaining balance by the tuition deadline.
  • Health insurance coverage and the UWSA Transit U-Pass are mandatory for all full-time students attending the university. If students have alternate health coverage from another agency (for example, Treaty Status or coverage under their parents plan,) it is their responsibility to opt out of The University of Winnipeg Student Association (UWSA) Health Plan before the blackout date.  For more information about the U-Pass please visit the UWSA’s website.
  • Special Invoices are mailed to Sponsors following the published add/drop deadline for each session.
  • Should the Sponsor fail to satisfy the account balance, the student, will be prevented from future registration, will not be eligible for graduation or receive transcripts and will have a Hold applied to their account.

Sponsorship Inquiries:
Student Financial Services
Phone: 204.786.9884
Fax: 204.783.4996