Enrolment Confirmation

Student Central

Certified Enrolment Letter

Requested by some RESPs, banks and healthcare insurance providers, an Enrolment Letter is an official letter issued by the University, with a signature and the University’s embossed seal. 

A standard Enrolment Letter specifies a student’s:

  • degree sought
  • full-time or part-time status
  • credit hours for the academic year

Please note that an Enrolment Letter is different from a registration statement, which contains specific classes, dates and times, tuition fees, payments, and can be used as a receipt, but does not contain the information usually required by RESPs, banks and insurance providers. 

Enrolment letters need to be ordered and paid for by the student - in person at Student Central, by fax, or by mail.  Use the "Certified Document Request Form" [PDF] and include payment (see options below).

Signing/Sealing of RESP and other Enrolment Forms

Some RESPs and other institutions request that a form showing enrolment be completed and signed by the University.  These forms can be signed and sealed at Student Central. Signing and sealing of these forms can be ordered either in person, by fax, or by mail.

Use the "Certified Document Request Form" [pdf], and include the forms to be completed/signed/sealed, along with your payment (see options below).

Submission & Payment Options

In-person:  Students can submit a completed Certified Document Request form in person at Student Central.  If applicable, bring your RESP/enrolment forms to be completed/sealed.  You must also bring photo ID to Student Central. Payment can be made with debit, cheque, cash, or Visa/Mastercard. 
NOTE:  If a parent/guardian is coming down on behalf of a student, he/she must present authorization (see below).

Fax:  If ordering by fax, you must include a Visa/Mastercard number and the expiration date.  Fax the completed order form, along with the RESP/enrolment forms if sealing/completion required, to 204.783.4996.

Mail:  If sending by mail, please fill out the order form, include your RESP/enrolment forms if sealing/completion required, and a cheque or money order.


If a parent/guardian is coming down on behalf of a student to complete these transactions, the parent must have a signed authorization letter from the student giving consent for the parent to access student information.  It's best if the student provides a letter to the parent. The student can also come in to Student Central to sign a Student Records FIPPA form and a Financial FIPPA form to give his/her parents access to information for a year.