Non-Refundable Fees Include:

2017-2018 Fee Information

  • Application Fees
  • B.Ed Deposit
  • Registration Fees
  • Fees for unsuccessful Appeal of Grade
  • Fees for Letters of Permission
  • Non-refundable portion of University of Winnipeg Students’ Association Fees
  • Late Payment Fees
  • NSF Cheque Charges
  • UWSA Health Plan (Other than valid Opt-out)
  • Student Life Fees
  • Facilities Fees
  • RecPlex Fees
  • Fitness Centre Levy
  • Lab Fees (Arts and Science)
  • Practicum Fees
  • Theatre Levy Fees
  • Information Technology Fees
  • Menno Simons Student and Ancillary Service Fees
  • On Line Fee
  • UWSA Transit UPass (other than UWSA approved Opt-Outs)