Bruno Cornellier Publishes Article in Discourse

Fri. Sep. 8, 2017

Bruno Cornellier recently published a new article in the journal Discourse (Vol. 39, no.1). His article, entitled “The Struggle of Others: Pierre Vallières, Quebecois Settler Nationalism, and the N-Word Today,” critically re-examines the polemical and appropriative paradigm of the Quebecer as a “white N-word” that circulated in left-nationalist literature in 1960s Québec, most famously in Pierre Vallières’ political and autobiographical writings. Cornellier draws parallels between Vallières’ polemical prose and the islamophobic undertones of recent policy proposals about state secularism in Quebec. In the process, Cornellier offers additional textual evidences of the anti-blackness that saturates much antiracist organizing and discourse in Quebec and Canada, including among so-called “progressive” political and cultural circles.

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