Bruno Cornellier publishes article in The American Indian Culture and Research Journal

Thu. May. 25, 2017

Bruno Cornellier just published a new article in the American Indian Culture and Research Journal. His article, entitled “Extracting Inuit: The of the North Controversy and the White Possessive,” critically explores the heated controversy surrounding screenings of filmmaker Dominic Gagnon's found-footage documentary of the North (2015), into which he inserted “found” clips of northern Inuit life he had extracted from YouTube. In conversation with Goenpul scholar Aileen Moreton-Robinson's theorization of the white possessive, Cornellier argues that the vocabulary employed by many of the settler cultural institutions and critics defending the film—e.g., the democratic imperative to protect artistic freedom and allow reasoned dialogue about “difficult” texts to flourish in public spaces—is inextricable from the type of entitlements sustaining settler colonial claims to indigenous lands, and to indigeneity itself, as part of a free and boundless common.