Open Winter Term Courses

Thu. Dec. 3, 2015

The following English courses still have open enrollments. Check on WebAdvisor if you wish to register.

ENGL 2803-001 Phonetics & Phonology

ENGL 2804-050 Language and Culture

ENGL 2922-002 Topics in Women Writers: Women & Comics

ENGL 3160-245 Topics in Young People's Cultural and Literary Texts

ENGL 3709-002 Topics in Canadian Literature & Culture: The Novel and the Canadian City

ENGL 3709-245 Contexts in Canadian Literature: Autobiography and Life Writing

ENGL 3800-001 Stylistics

ENGL 4160-001 Topics in Cultures of Childhood: Folk Narratives

ENGL 4717-001 Topics in Indigenous Literary and Cultural Studies: Contemporary Canadian Indigenous Representations

ENGL 4730-002 Topics in Postcolonial Studies: Settler Colonialism