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First-Time Residents - Priority Room Offer Option

The information on this page applies only to Academic Year 2021-22 applications submitted by May 1, 2021 at noon.

If the following applies to you, then you are eligible to request a Priority room offer for the 2021-22 Academic Year Term:

  • You are 100% sure that you will live in residence throughout 2021-22 Academic Year;
  • You will be a first-time UWinnipeg resident in fall of 2021-22 Academic year;
  • You will live in residence in both fall and winter terms;
  • You are able to accept a room offer within two weeks of applying;
  • You submit your application by May 1, 2021 at noon.

What is a Priority room offer?
Priority room offers are sent sooner than a standard room offer for Academic Year. Standard room offers start being sent out around the end of May, while Priority room offers are sent typically within two weeks of when you submit your application.

How it works:
To request a priority room offer, you must select this option during the online application process.
Once we process your application and verify your eligibility, you will receive a priority room offer specifying a deadline of a few days to pay the deposit and your complete application. Once you complete your application, your room will be reserved until the start of fall term.
Note that the deposit is not refundable if you cancel your accepted room offer. You are eligible to select the priority room offer option only if you are 100% sure you will live in residence this Academic Year! (See Section 1 of the Contract for more details on how deposits work)

WARNING: Do not select Priority room offer if any of these points apply to you:

  • You are not a first-time UWinnipeg resident;
  • You are not 100% sure you will live in residence starting in Fall term;
  • You are a fall-only student (e.g. ELP program or Letter of Permission visiting student);
  • You would prefer to receive a room offer during the standard room offer period (usually starting around the end of May).