Art History Awards and Scholarships

Art History Scholarship
This scholarship is offered on the nomination of the Department of History to a student of outstanding academic promise who has taken at least three courses in Art History or who has taken at least two courses in Art History and who is registered in at least one additional Art History course. 

Angela Elizabeth Davis Memorial Prize in Art History
This prize is presented in memory of Dr. Angela Davis, a 1977 B.A.(Hons.) and 1979 , M.A. graduate of the University, who had a long-standing and passionate interest in both history and art. It will be awarded annually to the student who obtains the highest standing in History 2800, History of European Art.

Katherine Jane Duckworth Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship in the amount of one 6-credit hour course is established in memory of Katherine Jane Duckworth, a friend of the University who had a strong interest in art and art history, by her family. It will be awarded annually to a student entering third or fourth year and majoring in Art History in any undergraduate degree program.

Victor Leathers Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship, founded in 1982 in memory of Dr. Victor Leathers, will be awarded to a graduating student with a Major or Honours degree in French, Theatre or the History of Art, to assist him or her to undertake a period of study at a recognized university in France, in one of the areas specified above. 

Keele Scholarship in Art History
This scholarship is awarded by the W. C. Keele family to a continuing student majoring in Art History.

Tony Tascona Bursary Fund: to a student studying Canadian Art History.

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