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Fall 2020

The following courses are not offered every year. Now is your chance to take them!

If you would like to take the course but do not have the prerequisite, please contact the instructor to check if you have a prerequisite equivalent.


ANTH-3206/4206 (3)  The Origins of Human Culture
Instructor: B. Collins

Looking at developments in the Old World, this course examines the two million year period from the first
appearance of human culture to the agricultural revolution some twelve thousand years ago. It emphasizes the
increase in cultural complexity and specialization over time, and the way that culture has permitted humans to adapt to their environment. As well as discussing the general nature of the prehistoric record, the course examines such general questions as the origins of cultural behaviour, the ecology and chronology of the Pleistocene period,
demographic evolution and reconstruction, and the relationship between cultural and biological evolution. Additional in-depth work is required to receive credit at the 4000 level.
Cross-listed: BANT-3206/4206


ANTH-4307(3)  Advanced Human Osteology
Instructor: Y. Chinique de Armas

This course covers analysis and interpretation of human osteological material. Topics include skeletal indicators of demographic, pathological, and nutritional factors, and approaches to the analysis of these types of data. An understanding of basic skeletal identification is assumed.

Note: Permission of the Department Chair is required to
register. Students registering with a GPA of less than 3.0 in Anthropology require the instructor's signature.
Cross-listed: BANT-4307(3). Restrictions: Honours Form Required. Students may not hold credit for this course and ANTH-4304 | BANT-4307. Requisite Courses: ANTH-3306 (or the former ANTH-4306) or BANT-3306 or permission of the instructor.


ANTH-4102(3) 231 Calls to Social Justice: Developing Community Based Responses to Systems Impacting Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA Persons
Instructor: S. Delaronde

See the poster Here!

This course takes an approach to understand the final report of the National Inquiry into Indigenous Women, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA persons – Reclaiming Power and Place and the 231 Calls to Justice. From examining the history of the road to the Inquiry, implementing documents and scope of the Inquiry, and findings.  The course will provide an opportunity to develop an Indigenous and community-based responses to the implementation of 231 Calls to Action. Cross-listed: GDP-7791

Note: This course is offered over 3 weekends: Sat/Sun 9am-4pm, October 24-November 7, 2020

Restrictions: Honours Form Required.
Requisite Courses: ANTH-2100 or permission of the instructor.


Winter 2021


ANTH-3162(3) Old Ways, New Money: Indigenous Social Enterprise
Instructor: J. Pelletier

Students study theories and practices related to Indigenous social enterprise. Of particular interest is the relationship between social enterprises, related policies, and indigenous sovereignty or self-determination. Students become familiar with a range of Indigenous social enterprises in Canada and globally. The course provides insights into attitudes toward Indigenous community development from within as well as from outside Indigenous communities and the implications of those attitudes on theories, practices and policies. Cross-listed: IS-3162

Restrictions: Students may not hold credit for this course and IS-3162.
Requisite Courses: IS-1016 (3) or IS-1017(3) or the former IS-1015(6), or permission of the Instructor.