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Anthropology Advising Documents 2018-2019

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Featured Courses 2018-2019

ANTH 1001 –Introduction to Anthropology

This year, our four-field Introduction to Anthropology will be co-taught by full-time faculty specializing in the different fields. The course provides an opportunity to see how the sub-fields of Anthropology fit together, and get to know Anthropologists at University of Winnipeg. This course is open to any student interested in Anthropology who does not yet have credit for any of the ANTH Intro courses (cannot be held concurrently with ANTH-1002, ANTH-1003, or ANTH-1005)


ANTH 4011 – Honours Thesis

This course is intended for students in the ANTH BA Honours or BANT 4 year BSc program. It is generally taken in the final year of the student’s program. It provides an opportunity to undertake original research in an area of anthropological interest, with one-on-one supervision from a faculty member. Students meet approximately every other Friday with the honours coordinator and other honours students. Students enrolling in this course should complete the Honours Thesis application form and consult with the Honours Coordinator (Dr. George Fulford) at their earliest convenience.

Anthropology Honours Application 

ANTH 4010 – Anthropology Research Seminar

This course is intended for students in any of Anthropology’s sub-fields entering their third or fourth year of study. It provides an opportunity to research a topic in some depth while developing skills in Anthropological professional communication (writing abstracts, grant proposals, and bibliographies; giving presentations). It is an excellent complement to ANTH-4011 and can be taken concurrently or prior to ANTH-4011.   


ANTH 3120 – Indigenous Peoples of Arctic Canada

Dr. Shelley Tulloch has been conducting field research in Arctic Canada for almost 20 years. In this course, she draws on these experiences and relationships, as well as the published testimonies, academic and creative work coming from the Arctic, to explore with students the rich Inuit culture and history. Students will read works by Inuit authors and will watch past and current documentaries created by and with Inuit. This course fulfils the Indigenous course requirement.