Academic Departments and Programs

What It Is

Economics analyzes how societies provide for their well-being, and examines the choices and tradeoffs that are made in the face of limited resources. It studies the competition and cooperation that arises among individuals, private organizations, and governments in the process of allocating scarce resources to a variety of different uses in society.

One may obtain the Economics Major through the 3-Year BA, the 4-Year BA or the BA Honours degree program. Some of the courses we offer are recommended for interdisciplinary programs, and it is common for other departments in the University to require or recommend certain Economics courses.

Where It Will Take You

A BA degree in Economics will lead naturally to employment in business, financial services, government, and international organizations. Graduate level studies lead to university teaching positions, independent consultancies, and research. The BA in Economics is highly recommended for students planning to go into law, accounting, or business studies.

Our MA Program

The Department of Economics offers a one-year Masters of Arts degree in Environmental, Resource and Development Economics (ERDE). Launched in September 2012, this innovative program combines the advanced study of modern economics with in-depth training in the fields of environment, resources and development economics. For details, visit the ERDE page.

Economics & Finance

The Economics & Finance Program will provide students with the conceptual tools to understand a number of issues from modern finance theory and applications.

This innovative program is available either as a Bachelor of Arts (4 year) or a Bachelor of Business Administration (4 year) depending on the interests of the students.

Would you like to learn more about the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics & Finance Program at The University of Winnipeg? Visit the Economics and Finance program page.