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The Centre for Academic Technology: Tools to Teach Anywhere

Health concerns, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances may lead to a temporary suspension of on-campus classes and necessitate the move to online methods of course delivery.

The University of Winnipeg offers a variety of technologies to assist instructors in remote teaching. Faculty may choose the best option(s) for their specific course needs and technology comfort level. These solutions may be used alone or combined.

These options include:

  1. UWinnipeg E-mail
  2. NextCloud
  3. Zoom
  4. Nexus
  5. Additional Resources


1.  UWinnipeg E-mail

  • Communicate with and e-mail course materials to students
  • There is a size limit to UW e-mail attachments (150MB)
  • Video files not recommended to be e-mailed

Info Page: Outlook Web Access

Contact: Technology Service Desk

2. UW Nextcloud

  • Similar to "Dropbox"
  • Upload and store course materials or video files on a secure server
  • Share files or links to files with students

Info Page: What UW Nextcloud can do and how to get started

Contact:  Technology Service Desk

3. Zoom

  • Live lecture to students remotely with web conferencing software
  • Or: pre-record the lecture and upload the resulting video for sharing/viewing in Nextcloud or Nexus, etc.
  • Live meeting with screen share and audio and/or chat communication

Prerequisite info:

To utilize this solution, you will require:

See support for instructional videos.

Support website: Software download here under the heading Desktop: *Getting Started on Windows and Mac

How-to document: Zoom user request and quick guide
How-to document: How to record your Zoom meeting and upload to Nexus

A "Zoom Training" module with the above Zoom resources and additional instructor support materials may also be accessed by current Nexus instructors from within the Nexus Tutorials for Instructors online course.

Contact: Send your request for licenses to use Zoom to or as indicated in the Zoom user request and quick guide.


  • Room 2C17 is available to the University community for Zoom pre-recording and upload of the resulting video in Nexus or Nextcloud
  • It features a fully configured workstation with microphone, video camera, ring light, and Zoom software.
  • User guides and easy to follow instructions are provided in the room.
  • For access to this room, please contact Security Services.

4. NEXUS (D2L Brightspace Online Learning Management System)

  • The University's Learning Management platform for course communications, content, and/or activities.
  • Variety of tools for online teaching

For Current Nexus instructors

Info Page: Instructors considering Nexus use

Contact:  Nexus Support


5. Additional Resources

Studio 1L10

  • The Studio is available to the University community for video recording sessions for teaching and research purposes during free time slots.
  • It features a 3 camera set-up with a variety of input sources including a document camera, smart board and computer. 
  • Operation is supported by a crew of dedicated staff.
  • Changes in course delivery due to current social distancing needs can be managed by pre-recording lecture content ahead of schedule and uploading to Nexus for viewing immediately or later.

    Contact: For details on booking the studio, please contact Warren McNeil.