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Video Conferencing - Zoom

To assist the UWinnipeg community transition to performing our activities remotely, we offer Zoom - a video conferencing service. This is a service that can be used in a variety of ways, from very basic video meetings to utilizing the many advanced features that Zoom provides.

Security and Privacy are very important to us. This security guide outlines how we have configured Zoom's security settings and additional steps you can take to enhance the security of your Zoom sessions. 

To read the UWinnipeg Privacy Notice with respect to Zoom, please click here.

We have developed the following information to help you use Zoom and support your remote meeting needs.



Zoom accounts are only required if you will be hosting meetings or lectures. You can participate without requiring a Zoom account. If you need a UWinnipeg Zoom account, please send an email to remoteteaching@uwinnipeg.ca


We have created a Zoom guide to help you to set up and use your Zoom account.

Zoom will allow you to:

  • Live lecture to students remotely with web conferencing software
  • Or pre-record the lecture and upload the resulting video for sharing/viewing in Nextcloud or Nexus
  • Live meeting with screen share and audio and/or chat communication

For a quick guide on holding lectures using Zoom, Lecture Tips has helpful information.

How to documents:


We have put together a Zoom guide to assist students in using Zoom and attending online lectures.


  • Room 2C17 is available to the University community for Zoom pre-recording and upload of the resulting video in Nexus or Nextcloud
  • Studio features a fully configured workstation with microphone, video camera, ring light, and Zoom software.
  • User guides and easy to follow instructions are provided in the room.
  • For access to this room, please note that all campus buildings are closed until further notice. Faculty and staff who need access to campus must be authorized by their department Chair/Dean or supervisor and check in with Security Services when coming to campus.