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1L10 Studio Support & Services


Studio1L10 is a professional digital recording studio specifically designed for optimal lecture capture for scheduled VOD course sections (758,759). It features a 3 camera set-up to capture the speaker as well as the surrounding 36 seat venue.  Roaming microphones capture student comments and questions. A variety of input sources can be recorded including a document camera, smart board and computer/internet with on the fly switching done by Studio crew.

To schedule an upcoming course on VOD, please contact Scheduling  (scheduling@uwinnipeg.ca)

The Studio is available to the University community for video recording sessions for teaching and research purposes during free time slots. Please contact Warren McNeil (w.mcneil@uwinnipeg.ca) for more information.

The University implemented the Brightspace platform by D2L (branded Nexus) as the LMS software application for the online delivery of course materials/content. Nexus supports a range of teaching models from hybrid or blended delivery to fully online courses.  Nexus is also used to deliver institutional training for the University Community.