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Managing Voicemail Off-Campus

How to Access Your Desk Phone Voicemail from Off-Campus


  • Dial 204-789-6222
  • When you hear the auto-attendant's voice, press the * key on your phone
  • Enter your ID followed by #  (Your ID is your 4-digit extension e.g. 9302)
  • Enter your PIN and Press #
  • Continue on as if you were on campus checking your voicemail


What do I do if I get a message of “Mail box is full”?

If you delete a voicemail, that voicemail is still stored until you permanently delete it, so it will continue to take up space in your voicemail account. You may have accumulated enough deleted messages to fill your mailbox and callers will get a message that “Your Mailbox is Full” even though there are no new voicemail messages.

To permanently delete previously deleted messages:

  1. Log on to your voicemail from off-campus as per the instructions above
  2. To review old messages - Press 3
  3. For deleted messages - Press 2
  4. To review deleted messages - Press 1

You can review each of your deleted messages individually and select from a variety of options:

  1. To repeat playback - Press 1
  2. To restore the message and save it - Press 2
  3. To permanently erase an old message - Press 3