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Quizzes Tool

If your instructor has set up any tests, exams or quizzes for you to take through your Nexus course, then the Quizzes tool is where you will find those "assessments" to do online. 

Keep in mind: 

  • Access to a test/exam/quiz in Nexus may depend on the due date for each quiz, and
  • Whether or not you are able to see quiz feedback and/or grades on Nexus is up to each instructor.

This video below demonstrates how to take and submit an online quiz, see a summary of your submission, and review your attempt. Note: in Nexus (unlike the video) the Quizzes tool is found under the menu bar category labeled "Assessments":

quizzes tool location


Having trouble accessing a quiz? Here are some common issues you can troubleshoot before contacting your instructor:

Visit the Nexus FAQs for more information on Quizzes 

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