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Soft Panic Button Desktop Feature

The University of Winnipeg Risk Management team has deployed as an added feature to our emergency response capabilities the installation of a passive desktop “panic / duress" button. This feature is installed on all University-issued computer hardware (desk and laptop devices).

This feature serves as a discreet method for University personnel to activate a response for assistance in situations related to “distress" and where a physical response of security services personnel is required.

While this feature is an active program on University-assigned devices, the Security Services team is requesting individuals wishing to be included in the service complete the form below. 

With this new feature for enhancing our emergency response capabilities, there are some key considerations to be aware of:

  1. Please do not deploy the panic button feature if you are working remotely or away from campus. This feature allows for the identification of a duress situation on campus, in an office, or other location where your device is typically located and for the response of security personnel.
  2. While the feature is an installed program on your assigned device, the completion of a registration form is required and will allow for location identification of your device on campus and to allow for appropriate direction to the location of the deployed call for assistance.
  3. This feature is only to be used for situations where there is a clear and present requirement for an emergency response and not as a method for the general summoning of security services.
  4. Should your physical office location on campus change, please ensure that you contact the Security Systems Operator to update your new location.
  5. Once you have been registered and receive confirmation, it is recommended that you perform a test of the service. However, to avoid any unnecessary response, please call the Security Operations Centre at 204.786.9272 to advise that you are initiating a test.

The ability to deploy this new passive “panic / duress” button feature provides a broader reach to users of the available services for response to emergencies.


Setting Up the Soft Panic Button Desktop Feature

  1. In the lower right corner of your computer screen, next to the date and time indicator, you will find an “up” arrow marker.
  2. Click the arrow, which will reveal a number of additional icons. Locate the green box with a white triangle and green exclamation mark inside.
  3. Click and drag this icon onto your lower toolbar (right hand side of screen).
  4. Once the icon is visible in your toolbar, the feature can be activated by clicking the icon three times in quick succession. This will initiate a response by security personnel to your location.

If you do not immediately see the icon in your toolbar tray, please restart your computer for any unsaved setting to take effect. If still not visible, please advise Brittany Groening at br.groening@uwinnipeg.ca.

Registration Form for Soft Panic Button Desktop Feature