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Personal Safety

Campus Safety

Did you know that most crimes in and around campus involve property? Most thefts tend to occur because some basic safety measures are overlooked. To minimize your risk, consider the follow tips:

Personal Safety

  • Attend to your valuables at all times.
  • Keep bags, backpacks, mobile phones and electronics in safe and secure storage.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Walk in well-lit areas at night.
  • Walk in groups, if possible.
  • Wear headphones or ear plugs in one ear only, so you are still attuned to your surroundings.
  • Take note of unauthorized individuals in non-public areas of the University, and respond accordingly.
  • Keep office doors locked when unoccupied or if you are working alone.
  • Notify someone if you are working alone.
  • Avoid opening doors to strangers when working alone.
  • Know the UWinnipeg Security number (204.786.6666) and call if your personal comfort level is violated.
  • Pre-program 911 into your mobile phone


  • Use high-quality locks such as those available at the UWinnipeg Campus Store.
  • Be aware of your surroundings (others around when you approach your locker.)
  • Avoid leaving expensive items (such as cash and electronics) in lockers.


  • Secure your bike with a good quality lock, such as a “U” lock; cable and chain locks are easily cut.
  • Remove or secure you quick-release seat and wheels


  • Secure valuables in the trunk, where they are out of sight.
  • Keep your vehicle locked.
  • Have keys in hand, so you do not linger outside unnecessarily.
  • Be cautious of strangers approaching your vehicle.
  • Honk the horn repeatedly to attract attention, if you feel threatened.
  • Go directly to the nearest police station or well-lit public place (where people can be found) if you are followed.


If you happen to find a needle or syringe anywhere on campus — whether it’s used or unused, with a protective cap or not — do not touch it. Needles or other drug paraphernalia are not safe to handle as they may be contaminated with hazardous elements. These items should be removed by those trained to do so, such as UWinnipeg’s Security Services.

  • Do NOT touch the needle, syringe, or drug paraphernalia
  • Contact UWinnipeg’s Security Services and notify them of the finding
  • If possible, wait for the campus security officer to arrive, so you can assist in quickly locating the item
  • While waiting, prevent others nearby from coming into contact with the item 

Suspicious Behaviour

For your own safety and the safety of others, it’s best to report behaviour that is unusual, disturbing, or otherwise out of the ordinary. This may include:

  • Aggressive characteristics or actions
  • Loud or boisterous behaviour
  • Clothing or dress consistent with gang affiliations
  • Persons loitering around lockers, offices, bike racks, parking areas or other spaces.

Armed Intruder

In the unlikely event of an armed intruder on campus, ensure your safety (and that of others) by doing the following, as appropriate:

  • GET OUT: always run away, think in advance, be ready
  • CALL OUT: call for help and to warn others. Call 911 or Security at 204.786.6666
  • HIDE OUT: Hide and stay away from view.
  • LOCK OUT: Lock or barricade the door.