Peter Ives

Political Science

Peter Ives Title: Associate Professor
Office: 6L10
Building: Lockhart Hall
Phone: 204.786.9949


Study Leave:  Jan. 1, 2017 to Jan. 1, 2018

Peter Ives was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. He received his B.A. (1991) in Political Science from Reed College in Portland, Oregon writing an undergraduate thesis on the Icelandic Women's Alliance. He completed his M.A. (1993) and Ph.D. (1998) at York University, Toronto, in the Graduate Programme of Social & Political Thought. He has taught at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, and the University of Manitoba.

Professor Ives' research interests include the role of language in political and democratic theory, cultural studies, Marxisms, critical theory and feminism. His first book, Gramsci's Politics of Language: Engaging the Bakhtin Circle and the Frankfurt School (University of Toronto Press, 2004), won the Raymond Klibansky award in 2004-5. He has also written an introduction to Gramsci's political and cultural theory, Language and Hegemony in Gramsci (Pluto Press/ Fernwood, 2004). Most recently, he has co-edited (with Rocco Lacorte), Gramsci, Language and Translation (Lexington, 2010). This volume brings together translations of articles mostly originally in Italian and recent developments in research on Gramsci.

His current research is on the politics of 'global English' and its relation to globalization and democratic theory. This includes “Cosmopolitanism and Global English: Language Politics in Globalisation Debates” Political Studies 58, 3, 2010, pp. 516-35, “'Global English': Linguistic Imperialism or Practical Lingua Franca?” in Studies in Language and Capitalism (2006), and various other articles. He recently received a SSHRC grant exploring the language policy of the European Union.

His articles have appeared in the Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy, Political Studies, Historical Materialism, Rethinking Marxism, Educational Philosophy and Theory, and Left History as well as, James Martin, ed., Antonio Gramsci: Critical Assessments. His articles have also been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German. Peter Ives is a member of the editorial board of ARP (Arbeiter Ring Publishing), a small, independent publisher of progressive books on culture and politics.

Research Interests:
Political Theory/Political Philosophy/History of Political Thought/Feminism