Contact Us

The Political Science Department is located on the 6th floor of Lockhart Hall.

Department Chair:
Joan Grace
phone: 204.786.9377
office: 6L16

MPA Chair:
Linda DeRiviere
phone: 204.786.9444
office: 6L12

Associate Chair - MPA Program:
Royce Koop (U of Manitoba)
phone: 204.474.8949
office: 532 Fletcher Argue Bldg.

Coordinator, MPA Co-op Program:
Malcolm Bird (U of Winnipeg)
phone: 204.786.9122
office: 6L18

Department Administrative Assistant:
Lou Lépine
phone: 204.786.9340
office: 6L20

NOTE:  Although the UW campus is closed, we are working remotely to assist students.  If you need to declare a Major, need permission to take Honours courses, need degree advising or have any other questions about the Political Science program, please do not hesitate to contact Lou (Dept. Asst.) at the above e-mail.