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Political Science

Political Science is the systematic study of power, authority and governance that helps us understand and engage in the important processes and institutions that structure our lives.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, politics affects our lives on a daily basis and in a vast number of ways. How we identify and think of ourselves, the activities we are permitted and encouraged to participate in, and how resources are allocated throughout society are all issues that Political Scientists study. Our Department offers a wide range of courses that examine the institutional, historical, ideological and economic aspects that frame our society. They consider such problems as relations between nation-states; the movement, cooperation and interactions of groups of people across state borders; the interactions between state and society; the nature of power and authority; and the impact of such things as political parties, interest groups, social classes and other societal organizations.

Political Science faculty members at The University of Winnipeg are committed to high quality teaching that draws on their own research expertise. We see our job as more than just teaching, but also mentoring and fostering a vibrant atmosphere of intellectual discussion and investigation. You can choose from a wide variety of courses within the following five streams: Global Politics; Political Thought; Law, Public Administration, and Public Policy; Canadian and Comparative Politics; City and Community Politics.

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