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Researchers develop new way to measure human brain

Measuring axons on micron scale provides insight into non-invasive ways to diagnose and treat central nervous system diseases

Dr. Sheryl Herrera and Maxina Sheft
Dr. Sheryl Herrera and Maxina Sheft are co-first authors on a study examining the first measurement of axon diameters in the human brain that measure only 2 one thousandths of a millimetre (2 μm).

As researchers gain new ways of understanding the brain they hope to improve access to non-invasive ways of diagnosing and finding effective treatments for central nervous system disorders like schizophrenia, autism, and fetal alcohol spectrum.

To this end, postdoctoral scholar Dr. Sheryl Herrera (UWinnipeg/Cubresa) and Fulbright Scholar Maxina Sheft (Georgia Tech) have been working with University of Winnipeg physicist Dr. Melanie Martin on a study into how to identify anatomical changes in the brain.

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