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Finding new puzzle pieces in physics

Dr. Blair Jamieson, Dr. John Walker

Dr. Blair Jamieson, Dr. John Walker, ©UWinnipeg

For most phenomena, the laws of physics provide a symmetric description of the behaviour of matter and antimatter. However, this symmetry does not hold true universally.

UWinnipeg’s neutrino physics team, spearheaded by Dr. Blair Jamieson, is collaborating on the Tokai to Kamioka (T2K) project which has published new results in the world’s leading multi-disciplinary scientific journal, Nature.

The article, Constraint on the matter–antimatter symmetry-violating phase in neutrino oscillations, shows the strongest constraint yet on the parameter that governs the breaking of the symmetry between matter and antimatter in neutrino oscillations.

The results are a major step forward in the study of the difference between matter and antimatter; and an important step on the way to knowing whether or not neutrinos and antineutrinos behave differently.

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