Pre-Engineering: University of Minnesota

The University of Physics Department is investigating student interest in a possible pre-engineering stream. This would supplant the previous dual-degree program with the University of Minnesota.

In the interim, the University of Minnesota still welcomes U of W students to pursue Engineering, and we expect them generally to honor all transfer credits of the previous dual-degree program. Please search the internet for University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering and click on Admissions Info. The State of Minnesota and the Province of Manitoba also still honor reciprocal tuition agreements, and Manitoba students will benefit from the in-state tuition rate should they enroll at University of Minnesota.

The proposed UW pre-engineering program would streamline this process, making it even clearer for UW students what courses would best prepare them for a future career in Engineering.

The former Dual Degree Program remains open to those students who graduate from the University of Winnipeg in June 2016 or at the latest June 2017. Those interested must apply to the University of Minnesota's Engineering program by the deadline set by University of Minnesota's Admissions Office, for a start date of September 2016 or September 2017.

To express your interest in Pre-Engineering, please contact:

Dwight Vincent


Phone: (204)786-9715

Office: 2L29

Jeff Martin


Phone: (204)786-9443

Office: 3L22/23

University of Minnesota

Admissions Info:

Information Poster [PDF]