University of Minnesota Dual Physics & Engineering Degree Program

Effective Immediately

The University of Minnesota will no longer partner with the University of Winnipeg to offer a dual degree option in Physics & Engineering.

This Dual Degree Program remains open only to those students who graduate from the University of Winnipeg in June 2016 or at the latest June 2017.  Those interested must apply to the University of Minnesota’s Engineering program by the deadline set by University of Minnesota’s Admissions Office, for a start date of September 2016 or September 2017. 

Even though this Dual Degree Program is being discontinued, any students interested in pursuing Engineering at the University of Minnesota can still apply to the University of Minnesota’s Engineering programs as an independent applicant.  Please search the internet for University of Minnesota  College of Science and Engineering and click on Admissions Info.  Any questions regarding these engineering programs must be directed to the University of Minnesota contact, as listed on its website.